Kirje Kabulista [Urgent appeal from a deported family in Kabul Afghanistan]

Kabuliin perheensä kanssa 3.4.2017 pakkopalautettu 19-vuotias Ruusu kirjoittaa avoimen kirjeen Suomen hallitukselle, Migrille, suomalaiselle medialle ja kaikille suomalaisille.

"Puhun suomea, minust tulee lakimies isona. Haluan takaisin lukioon. Mitä minun pitää tehdä, että pääsen kouluun enkä kuole täällä Kabulissa? Kuulin, että pääministeri ja sisäministeri haluavat lisää meitä täältä Afganistanista tulemaan jollakin systeemillä sinne. Meidän täytyy päästä turvaan.

Rukoilen teitä, koko Suomi, auttakaa meitä. Me kuolemme pian."

23. April 2017

To the Finnish government, Migri, Finnish media and all the Finnish people
Urgent appeal from a deported family in Kabul Afghanistan

I am Rose, a 19-year old girl from Afganistan. My family - father, mother, sister and two brothers - were forcefully deported from Finland to Afghanistan. We are now in Kabul, hiding, scared, waiting for death and sexual abuse.

We came from Afghanistan to Europe to find a safe place. We came through Russia, it was so hard, it took long time and we were put to jail for four months in Russia. I was still a child back then. After we were released from prison we decided to go to Finland and finally in 22nd of February 2016 we reached Finland. I was 17 years old.

And we lived in a camp in Hyvinkää Finland, and after a very short time the migration office called us for an interview and we were not ready for the interview because we were just recently released from prison in Russia. We had stress and fear and we did not have anyone who would have helped us to explain everything well. We were so tired and stressed and I was only 17 years old.

The interview process went wrong from the very beginning. Some of us had translators from Iran. They did not understand us, and we did not understand them. In all of our cases the interviewers did not understand us, the translation went wrong in many words, and the interpreters were not professional. This is why they failed to understand that my family will be killed and that they had already killed my brother. This is why we had run away from Afghanistan.

We run away because of these problems. We came to Finland and we thought that finally we are safe, we will not be killed and raped. But unfortunately in Finland we were not treated according to the human rights and international agreements.

We did not get a fair handling of our case.- They did not believe that we are in very big danger all of us, my whole family, if they force us back.

We also gave them new evidence about the murder of my brother and it was not considered. And then we appealed, but it was just automatical no, no one did even check our evidence. Just "no".  Then we appealed to the high court, and another no, like from a machine.

So in the end, they gave us three times negative answer, and after that the police called us and we tell that we can not stay in Finland anymore and we have one month to decide what to do but we every time replyed that we need to appeal, we are going to die, but our lawyer said that she cannot help us anymore. After that we asked from the social worker in our camp that we want to take a new lawyer.

Finally they take us for a new lawyer and we tell finally everything to this lawyer and she said that she will help us. Finally someone listened. And she said that we have to apply again and share all the evidence and make them listen to the story. So after a few days the police called us and gave us a negative paper to sign and they said that it is a negative paper from the court. We were so so so scared, so me, my father and my mother signed it. My brothers and sister did not sign it, they were very brave.

The police told us after that that every morning we should sign a paper that the security has in our camp after the security as in our camp after 2 or 3 eays the police call us agin and we go at 8 in the morning. So then the police officers come and saynd that now you are under arrest. We did not understand anything. Everything was very unclear.

After that they take us to Helsinki from Hyvinkää. This was Metsälä, detention centre. We were so scared because it was like a jail and we did not make any crime in Finland.

Then a person came to see us, her name is Marjaana Toiviainen. She is a priest, she said she will help us. We did not know why she helped, but she did. She said that what was done to us was wrong from the beginning, and that we should just keep applying for asylum if we were mistreated. And we did. But first in the Metsälä detention they did not give us the paper to apply again, so Marjaana Toiviainen called the police in to the Metsälä camp so that we were able to sign the application paper. The police came there. After that we got the paper. After that we were taken to the police for a very short interview again, it was machine like, it was not a real interview. We had all the new evidence, also in Dari language some newspapers. The police did not even translate them. They took our finger prints and photos. Then we all got a paper which said we cannot legally be deported from Finland when this asylum process is going on.

Then the next day, Monday, Marjaana came to see us. We were so happy, we prayed together. She is Christian, we are Muslim, so we were able to relax and pray together. My mother name is Mina and Marjaana's first name is Minna, we were very happy about that. Marjaana also brought her father to the detention to see us, it was important for us. Someone cared about us. So we trusted her with all our heart and made a valtakirja about this. She said that we will get out soon, to a normal camp, normal vastaanottokeskus.

After that Marjaana left us. And then the police came. They came to the detention. They did not let us meet Marjaana. We did not understand what was going on, they were supposed to let us out to a normal vastaanottokeskus. Instead of that they did not let us meet our legalized assistant and made a decision for us without us knowing what happened. No one translated into Dari. We had a paper in our hand, all of us, which said we cannot be legally deported from Finland during the application process. The police came and took us with violence and in a very threatening way. (We got the information about the negative decision with our own language from our assistant, not the police, and this was 13.4., so at this point there was no information for us in our language about what is going on. It was so scary.)

When the police came to get us, my parents fell down, both of them. They are old. We were asking for them to see the doctor. The police said "ok". But the doctor never came. We were not able to defend ourselves against the police. There must have been 35 police dealing with our family. We are not criminals. We are normal people. I was praying and asking for them to let us see our legal assistant. All the police said no. Why did they need so many police with us? Even in the flight? My father did not understand that, not me either. They took our phones away, I was able to hide one from them and talked with Marjaana on whatsup during the whole time.

This happened in Finland, all of this. The police forced us into the plane, forced us with a lot of force and power. We were all scared to death. I thought we will die of the shock.

Now we are here in Afghanistan. I cannot tell the place. We are hiding. We are scared. No help, no food, no home, hiding and waiting when they come and kill our men and take us girls. I am so scared. Please here my cry.

So here I am, with my family. Which official can help us? Our legal assistant is making a complainment of this case in Finland.

How do we get back to safety in Finland?

Puhun suomea, minust tulee lakimies isona. Haluan takaisin lukioon. Mitä minun pitää tehdä, että pääsen kouluun enkä kuole täällä Kabulissa? Kuulin, että pääministeri ja sisäministeri haluavat lisää meitä täältä Afganistanista tulemaan jollakin systeemillä sinne. Meidän täytyy päästä turvaan.

Rukoilen teitä, koko Suomi, auttakaa meitä. Me kuolemme pian.


Rose / Ruusu

Please, see this, too (our assistant gave this link to us) :

Please, contact us soon. We do not know how long we live.

The Afghani family was deported from Helsinki airport on 3rd of April 2017. Hundreds of Finns and asylum seekers gathered to protest the deportation. Pastor Marjaana Toiviainen, the representative of the family, was not allowed to meet the family at the police station nor the airport. Finnish authorities, monitoring deportation flights reported, that there were no interpreters while the family was being deported from Finland.

The asylum seekers continue their Right To Live demonstration on Helsinki Railway Square for 73rd day, demanding more humane migration policy, fair asylum processes and stopping of forced deportations.


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