Iraq - Situation

These points relate particularly to the security assessment from the Finnish immigration service that considered Iraq as a safe country! :

  1. The southern areas and nine cities in the south there has been, and still is, major tribal fighting. There is a spread of chaos and lawlessness in the cities. 
  2. In Baghdad, there is proliferation of armed militias. In addition, there are cases of kidnapping and bargaining. The lack of security and stability and the frequency of terrorist attacks on civilians, as well as the lack of the right to freedom of expression, leads to life threatening situations.
  3. The population of the areas liberated from Daesh isis face serious issues, such as disappearances and persecution.
  4. Kurdistan and the existence of a dispute between the Kurdish parties back for decades has led to a dispute between the inner state institutions. 
  5. Kirkuk is considered a nationalist and sectarian conflict zone led to disputes over control population displacement parties victim of conflicts and the threat of violence and force them to sell their homes and leave the city.
  6. All over the country, journalists are targeted directly for exposing government militias and terrorist entities. Iraq's most dangerous country for journalists according to reports by international organizations.
  7. Military: military exodus from Iraq because of the dominance of parties and militias the military institutions and non-military approval to carry out the orders of the ruling party militias and sectarian goals and customary violation of military law and the Constitution.
  8. Working with the multinational forces and security companies (journalists, military personnel, employees of security rules, translators, diplomats) have been subjected to persecution, murder, threats and displacement because they are considered as traitors to the country by the militias and the ruling parties and Daesh isis. These people have the right to receive international protection.

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